Thanks for stopping by this website but as you can see we’re no longer underway – no longer in the executive recruiting business.

We’re happily moored and supposedly enjoying retirement. But even there I’ve found twists and turns.

           God has blessed me over my thirty-five years in the executive recruiting business. I’ve met some incredible people and worked with amazing clients that at times, left me breathless. Always, I was learning and discovering astounding things about our lives, and our rich culture, and heritage. That’s the exciting part about the executive recruiting business. One never stops learning. Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons I learned in the executive recruiting profession was the three aspects of a true professional:

         The true professional is indeed a master of his or her skills. These are almost second nature. He never stops learning and always gives back.

         The true professional has a vivid passion for his work.

         The true professional always shares knowledge freely.

            Thus I leave this wonderful practice and turn to something I began as a sideline in 1988. At the time of this writing, I’ve published six novels


            BRUTUS was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1991. This was followed by LIEUTNEANT, CODE, DUTY, and NEPTUNE, all published by St. Martin’s Press, 1995 through 2004. All of these works were published in hardback and are now “out of print” which means the rights have reverted to me and so now you can find them on Kindle under another imprint, Starboardside Productions.


                           My most recent novel was published by Random House/Ballantine in 2006 and is still available wherever books are sold.

             So yes, I’ve put the hook down and yet am committed to another career: Full time in fiction. Presently, I’m roughly half-way through my seventh novel, EDGE OF VALOR. Fingers crossed; one can never tell in this business.

             You can still contact me at john@gobbellcompany.com

             But please don’t hesitate to view my author’s website at: www.JohnJGobbell.com to learn more about my fiction or contact me at: John@JohnJGobbell.com

             God’s blessings to you in your future endeavors for strong health, family, and career. And…

  God Bless America